Friday, February 15, 2013

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I just finished my dinner. I ate bakso alone in my sweet room. Yes, I'm alone because my roomates love to eat by themselves while watching movie. Well, eating alone such a bored thing that i have to do here. Before this, I have a friend that we will eat together and....gossiping ! hehehehe..No ! actually, we share our problems together, asking advice and opinion. We did all that during weekend only. Other nights, I ate my dinner alone. Ouh..I miss her !

Okey peeps, all of you are invited to follow this blog.This is my second blog.

aQma's Craft is a blog for me to sell my handmade crafts. I also sell tote bags and sling bags. Please visit this blog aQma's craft. I also have page for aQma's Craft on facebook. Please LIKE this page readers !


BlueiceButterfly said...

janganla sedih2..btw cantik2 la craft tue pandai awak buat :)

Puteri Afiqah said...

dah follow dan like :)
craft2 tu semua comel2 ^^

myezatul aQma said...

blueice butterfly : termia kasih ;)

myezatul aQma said...

puteri : terima kasih.klu berminat bleh ke fb aqma's craft