Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well, i've been there finally ! Thanx to my little junior ;)


Yesterday i hang out with my juniors, Ina & Mira. Mira was our driver yesterday ! Why? because i don't have driving license yet, even i'm the oldest among them -___-'. Oh, that's make my life so complicated. I need a driver everyday. To go there...there..there...Lucky i'm in Gombak, because there are LRT, buses, and ....Ohh... I love here because of the ease of transportation.Others? Hmmm..

Okey, we went to KL Festival.yes, that's place is so near to UIA. But, i don't know how near it is till i get there. My juniors said to me:

"akma..skrg kau dah smpai KL festival. Nak beli ape? Baju ? Beg? Hai..kesian akma dah final year kat sini baru jejak kaki kat KL Festival."

Hahaha..sound funny, but its true you know. I think, i never been there before because there is no bus..

These are my juniors...Mira and Ina. cute!!! All things are cute. there are so many make up here. No wonder why Ina love here ! Their lipbalms, eyeshadow, face masks...and many more are KAWAIII..

Oh,, luckily i have  no interest on cosmetics. If yes, of cause i will by all.Hahaha..Oh, Mira love taking picture in all boutique.. There and there and there... HAhaha.. Then, I call her " Duta kecantikan". Well she is beautiful !

I bought a little panda bookmark, fabric sticker from KAISON. I also bought mask. Well, buy 4, free 1 with RM 11.oo.So, of course, i have to grab them (^____^)/ Weeeeeeee...

* now i'm wearing mulberry face mask.Yup, right now  ! Oouhh.. i love it's fragrance. Plus, it is in small size.It's suit for my face. Watson face masks are too big for my face...Argh..Let's change !

Eye mask..3 pairs in each pack.can't wait to try these..

We were here. Mira bought a set of comforter here.There are a lot of  home decorations here and they are so cute!!!!!

I love to wear face mask because the feel of cozy that i'll get and love coldness in my face and surely because of the good result. My face will become smoother and i love it. Yeay!!!!
Then, I feel like " Duta Kecantikan " too..HAhaha..wink wink wink...(^___<)

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