Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy vitamin!


Yesterday was my friend birthday."Happy Birthday!"
She asked me to join her outing with her best best best friend. Yes, i really want because i feel like i need to make mydelf happy..laugh..laugh..laugh...

me, wani, safi. Only 3 of us.we enjoy korean foods, watching movie,pop corn, shopping chocolates

Thanx my friends!!!

since i having friendship conflict with my besties, i realize that i'm not like before.
well, i'm less laugh, less movie'ing, and less everything that makes me cheeful happy go lucky like before.One of my bestie said "Forgive me.Please be yours like before. I miss the old you"
hmm...till today, i don't know why i am like this..i feel like i'm invisible in my room.Well, the way they act like there is no me.Ohh my roomates, what mistake that i have made? Is it because i always ask you to laugh & chat slowly becase i want to study.Well, i really need the place that no voice to study peacefully and workly.For me, it is such a waste, when we study but the knowledge is not really get into our brain.why it is so? for me its because of interuption and because of the place for study is very noisy.

thanx again my friends, because u make me happy again !
I need vitamins!Happy vitamin may be !

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