Thursday, April 25, 2013

What a tough week i had !

Hope everything fine(^__^) yeah, hopefully.Oh Allah, Please be mercy to
me.Started from last weekend, i'm getting busy day by day.Hmm..with the handmade order, presentations, midterms, assignments and quizzes...

my territory....
 I'm studying facebook too! Well, it is kind of book too  :)

Monday 22nd  May 2013 : presentation Arab world
Tuesday 23rd may 2013 : Mid Term Islah & Tajdid
Wednesday 24th May 2013: Presentation History of Indonesia & Mid Term Russia History
Thusday 25th May 2013:
Friday 26th May 2013 : Submit Assignment Arab World

ohh..Tommorrow is Friday.So, I have today for tomorrow's preparation.
Whatever is, thanx a lot to my friends, my partners for assignments and presentation for your help & coorporations ! I can't ever make it without your help!

Alhamdulillah &  A very much thank you to Nabila, Ina, Mira, Maysum,Fiza & her friends, Farly,Yun, and many more!!!!

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