Saturday, May 4, 2013


This is what happen on Labour Day...
broken heart (T__T)
well, i feel that "penat la bercinta, gaduh-baik, gaduh-baik...haish.." It's ok if we fight because of small matter such as about dress, movie, food, etc. yes, i can handle it, in fact that will make our relationship getting strong, know each other well, and the most important is we became more understanding on each other.It's sweet for me , i think ! But, if we're  fighting because of the third person. Oh!! i can't stand it anymore.It happen three times. Hmm..the hardest time, was on two years ago.It happen on my birthday.Could you imagine how sad i was? 

So, i think it is nice if we end here. This relationship only make my life  in blue if we are still continue our relationship. Yes, i'm very sure about this. I really can't face it especially during final exam or mid term.Yes, we always fighting around that time. so, can i focus on papers?I hope you know the answer. The hardest cried i ever had was when i cried all night long, till my friend asked me on the next morning.
"kema, keciknya mata ko!"
i just smile then, because i think there is nothing to share.yes, i never tell anyone our problems along our relationship. I kept all that as secrets on whatever colors that i have with him. But, I know he told everyone about me.
This time, i never can't  re-install our love again, as i having the hardest pain in my heart.yes,he said :
"You are selfish.You just think about yourself.I still want you in my life.Don't you ever think about that?"
so, i said to him:
Okey, i am selfish.I just think about my self, not us.Well i know you are going to say -I really care about my study."-because you always said so.
But, could you think that who was the selfish?Hey..hey..hey.. I took many subjects every semester, i took short semeseters, and i study for get a good result, so that we can be together in a short time.Can you think that?

okey, just go on with what u think-i am the selfish...
"lelong ikan..sekilo rm4, 4 kilo rm10"...murah kan?hahaha..murah gilerrrrrrrrr!!!

yesterday, u called me and said :
forgive me, i was wrong.I am the selfish, not you.let's be like before.I still love you. can't never and ever accept you back.
I can't never and ever re-install our love, because you always give me PAIN,while i always give you LOVE.

the end

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