Friday, May 10, 2013


Please say this "surat chenta" by using Anwar Hadi style. Chentaaaaaaa

8th May 2013 , Wednesday was the final day for counseling skill 2 class.Oh yes, I really don't want that class.I took that class just to fulfill university requirement. Okey, that was before i met madam Nuraini. Then,what happen? I'm in love with her class.Not because there was a cute guy there..No no no..

That is because the way of madam conduct the class herself. She made the class fully interesting,till i can say " I miss that class." She made us feel release during her class & she also manage to eliminate our stress too. i thought, only feel that.But, the others too. Good job madam. Thumb up for you !

What we did during her class?
We enjoy playing game cards.yes,that game make us laugh..laugh..and laugh..
The first person pick the card and starts create a story from the image of the card. Then,the person who is next to him have to continue the story by using his own card and creativity. That's was fun, because the jokes story , sad story,romantics story and all are together.We laugh..laugh and laugh..

We also enjoy drawing our emotion or hope.we sat in a circle, and start using crayons or pencil colors.Draw..draw..and draw..then we feel like we are in the kindegarten again! After finish our drawing, we started to show our drawing to all friend and told them our emotion for today. Well, from this game, i like to see their drawing. Some of them, just like an artis !I really enjoy their beautiful drawing.

Hmm..about that surat chenta?
madam gave us a small piece of paper and asked us to write inspiration notes to a person that we don't really know in our class. Alhamdulilah i got 3 letters. it is out of my expectation because i really think that mat be i just got 1 or not at all.Well, thats surat cinta really inspire me. I put them on my board in my room and read it  every morning.YES, I GOT THE FEEL.

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nik ros said...

wah.dapat surat cinta.siap dpt 3 lagi..hehe
sumber ispirasinya. mearik la cara gini